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Customer Insights

Just about every company we’ve ever worked with loved to talk about their “customer focus” or “customer-centric approach”. But all too often, when we ask about who their customer really is, or when the last time that they actually talked to a customer, we get mumbled responses.


We believe that to develop and deliver consistently engaging and relevant products - you need to know and understand your customer - deeply, profoundly and intimately.


A great way to do this is to include your customers into your process. Make them part of the team. Co-create your service with them.


We’ve done it. We know it works.  Co-creation is an active, creative and social process based on collaboration between producers and customers. It’s like a hyper-charged customer panel that continues to learn and grow with you throughout your product journey.


There’s a lot to it - recruiting, administration, workshops, live interviews, prototyping, analysis - but we’ve done it and we know what works.  

Let’s talk about how we can develop a co-creation program that will improve your product and create value for your business.

Our co-creation methodology
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